The decision to admit new members is made by the Management Team
following a review of the application.

Who can become
an ABSL Member?

All companies 

- with headquarters (global or European) in Germany, Austria or Switzerland

- who run some form of business services center (in any location)

- who would like to actively shape the future of the sector in DACH by sharing individual experience.

The membership is for a dedicated individual representing the business services organization (or one of them) in a specific company. Roles/Titles accepted include:

- GBS Leader (or similar)

- Transformation Leader (or similar, for organizations in project mode/setting up GBS)

- Finance Shared Services Lead (or similar for any support function, in case of functional business services setup)

- C-level individuals, or any direct superior to a GBS Leader type role.

(Replacements are only accepted for sub-group meetings). 

Interested in being an ABSL member?

Follow these simple steps 


Download and fill in the Questionnaire.


Sign the document by a person authorized to represent company.



Attach a copy of an excerpt from your local company registrar.


Send the questionnaire and excerpt to along with your company logo.


Once your application is verified, it will be presented to the Management Team of ABSL DACH


If the application is approved, you will receive a welcome email with contact details and extensive info about ABSL and membership as well as a membership fee note.

Contact us for more information regarding members' admission process:




Managing Director