Business Services sector in Poland

In Numbers

338 000

Total number of jobs at business services centers, of which 276,000 are at foreign centers (82%) and 62,000 are at Polish centers (18%)


The total number of BPO, SSC /GBS, IT and R&D business services centers in Poland, of which 66% are owned by foreign investors


Number of new jobs created per day in the sector in 2019

608 000

sector generates 608 000 of jobs, taking account of multiplier effects (1,8)

$ 19,8 billion

value of exports of business services in 2019 from Poland

3,0 – 3,5% GDP

share of the sector in GDP of Poland and growing

Changes in employment levels

At service centers in Poland since Q1 2016

Employment structure of business services centers

by parent company headquarters location


The number of investor companies with business services centers in Poland (of which 71% are foreign investors)


The number of Fortune Global 500 investors with business services centers in Poland

How the global economic slowdown will affect the actitivities of centers in Poland (% of responses)

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